Tuesday, October 22, 2019

9 rules every sales manager should know

The person who daily defends the interests of the company by conducting commercial negotiations with potential customers is the main breadwinner of the "family". Ultimately, the fate of the organization and all its employees depends on sales.

The well-known Russian manager Maxim Batyrev in the bestselling book “45 Tattoos Sold” tells about how to achieve high results in this difficult work, and even enjoy it. We share ideas from the book.

Each of us is a seller of joy

The work of each seller is to charge people, give them joy and inspiration. Keep customers in a good mood, radiate light - this is an integral part of your profession, and this must be trained separately. Also if you if you want to be a good salesman in the eyes of the employer straighten your cv and use for it sales job resume examples from this site https://salesjobsearches.com/resume-examples.

A sincere smile works wonders!

Most products and services still improve the lives of customers, which means that you have to rejoice at what you do. If the client does not become happier from your products, then you need to think ten times: or are you selling, and are you doing that?

A seller who is not very well versed in his product, but rejoices in this world and sparkles in life, as a result, still works more successfully than a dull and grouchy expert.

Meet by clothes

The seller should at least look respectable. It doesn’t matter if he sells apartments, 3D-printers, cosmetics, computer programs or axes for lumberjacks.

Regardless of the field of activity or the region in which you work, customers are always more pleased to communicate with people in freshly ironed shirts, with clipped nails and in clean shoes.

    The level of trust is higher for those who look good.

If you wear a suit, it will be psychologically easier for people to put their hard-earned money into your hands. At least simply because such an appearance gives you status and solidity.
We sell the client's future lifestyle

A sale is an exchange of a client’s money for a better future with your goods and services. That is, thanks to the product that you offer, a person will feel more beautiful, smarter, statusier, more competent, stronger, richer; his life will become a little more interesting; relations are more harmonious; work is easier and more convenient ...

And tell the client about this! How comfortable he will be in a suit tailored to order. How will his health improve if he buys a subscription to a fitness center? With what eyes will beloved women look at him when he runs a marathon at a running school (or beloved men at her when she attends all SPA-procedures).

Important addition: do not lie or promise that which is knowingly impossible. You must be responsible for your words. This is the only way to get a “client for life”, and at the same time provide yourself with rave reviews and recommendations.
The sale begins after the first "no"

The seller must deal with doubts and objections that are born in the head of the client. No one will ever immediately after the presentation of your wonderful goods and services get a pack of money out of the safe and joyfully stuff it in your pocket.

People should have doubts, and they express them in the form of objections: “Expensive”, “No money”, “The director does not want to buy anything”, “Come after the crisis” and so on. But this is not a reason to give up immediately.

Take objections as clues. "I already use the services of your competitors" means "I do not see the fundamental difference between your products and the products of your competitors." “My husband refuses to pay such a lot of money for cosmetic procedures” is translated as “I don’t know what arguments can be used in a conversation with her husband so that he allocates money from the family budget to your beautiful SPA salon.” And so on.

Fight and go to the end. Continue the dialogue, try to protect the reliability and benefits of your proposal. Sometimes you really want to believe the client and after the first objection let him go home! But you can’t.
Best Improvisation - Prepared Improvisation

The quality of the seller is determined by his ability to juggle a lot of memorized speech modules, called scripts. Certainly, the person who monotonously mutters the memorized text about his products or services without changing facial expressions and without showing any emotions does not inspire confidence. But the prepared phrases are perceived quite differently when the seller colors them with expressiveness and really believes in the benefits of the client.

Many criticize scripts, believing that they limit the flight of creative thought. But it’s cool to improvise on stage only the actor who masterfully owns the studied role. Also in sales.

The seller’s teeth should bounce off answers to the most likely questions and objections. Then, at the right moment, he will be able to clearly state the arguments, and not mumble: "Uh ... well this ... how is it ..."
Preparation is the seller’s best friend

Always get ready for negotiations. What kind of client? What does he do? What is known about him? What is the background of the issue? Internet and social networks to help you.

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