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9 rules every sales manager should know

The person who daily defends the interests of the company by conducting commercial negotiations with potential customers is the main breadwinner of the "family". Ultimately, the fate of the organization and all its employees depends on sales.

The well-known Russian manager Maxim Batyrev in the bestselling book “45 Tattoos Sold” tells about how to achieve high results in this difficult work, and even enjoy it. We share ideas from the book.

Each of us is a seller of joy

The work of each seller is to charge people, give them joy and inspiration. Keep customers in a good mood, radiate light - this is an integral part of your profession, and this must be trained separately. Also if you if you want to be a good salesman in the eyes of the employer straighten your cv and use for it sales job resume examples from this site https://salesjobsearches.com/resume-examples.

A sincere smile works wonders!

Most products and services still improve the lives of customers, which means that you have to rejoice at what you do. If the client does not become happier from your products, then you need to think ten times: or are you selling, and are you doing that?

A seller who is not very well versed in his product, but rejoices in this world and sparkles in life, as a result, still works more successfully than a dull and grouchy expert.

Meet by clothes

The seller should at least look respectable. It doesn’t matter if he sells apartments, 3D-printers, cosmetics, computer programs or axes for lumberjacks.

Regardless of the field of activity or the region in which you work, customers are always more pleased to communicate with people in freshly ironed shirts, with clipped nails and in clean shoes.

    The level of trust is higher for those who look good.

If you wear a suit, it will be psychologically easier for people to put their hard-earned money into your hands. At least simply because such an appearance gives you status and solidity.
We sell the client's future lifestyle

A sale is an exchange of a client’s money for a better future with your goods and services. That is, thanks to the product that you offer, a person will feel more beautiful, smarter, statusier, more competent, stronger, richer; his life will become a little more interesting; relations are more harmonious; work is easier and more convenient ...

And tell the client about this! How comfortable he will be in a suit tailored to order. How will his health improve if he buys a subscription to a fitness center? With what eyes will beloved women look at him when he runs a marathon at a running school (or beloved men at her when she attends all SPA-procedures).

Important addition: do not lie or promise that which is knowingly impossible. You must be responsible for your words. This is the only way to get a “client for life”, and at the same time provide yourself with rave reviews and recommendations.
The sale begins after the first "no"

The seller must deal with doubts and objections that are born in the head of the client. No one will ever immediately after the presentation of your wonderful goods and services get a pack of money out of the safe and joyfully stuff it in your pocket.

People should have doubts, and they express them in the form of objections: “Expensive”, “No money”, “The director does not want to buy anything”, “Come after the crisis” and so on. But this is not a reason to give up immediately.

Take objections as clues. "I already use the services of your competitors" means "I do not see the fundamental difference between your products and the products of your competitors." “My husband refuses to pay such a lot of money for cosmetic procedures” is translated as “I don’t know what arguments can be used in a conversation with her husband so that he allocates money from the family budget to your beautiful SPA salon.” And so on.

Fight and go to the end. Continue the dialogue, try to protect the reliability and benefits of your proposal. Sometimes you really want to believe the client and after the first objection let him go home! But you can’t.
Best Improvisation - Prepared Improvisation

The quality of the seller is determined by his ability to juggle a lot of memorized speech modules, called scripts. Certainly, the person who monotonously mutters the memorized text about his products or services without changing facial expressions and without showing any emotions does not inspire confidence. But the prepared phrases are perceived quite differently when the seller colors them with expressiveness and really believes in the benefits of the client.

Many criticize scripts, believing that they limit the flight of creative thought. But it’s cool to improvise on stage only the actor who masterfully owns the studied role. Also in sales.

The seller’s teeth should bounce off answers to the most likely questions and objections. Then, at the right moment, he will be able to clearly state the arguments, and not mumble: "Uh ... well this ... how is it ..."
Preparation is the seller’s best friend

Always get ready for negotiations. What kind of client? What does he do? What is known about him? What is the background of the issue? Internet and social networks to help you.

Friday, September 13, 2019

How to explain the dismissal from a previous job to a new employer

Tell the truth or nothing
For starters, be honest with yourself.

For example, you lost your job due to a conflict with a colleague or failed a project, did not pass certification, you were systematically late - it doesn’t matter. Answer, did this happen because you lack skills and qualities or did you openly forget about work?

If the dismissal occurred on the initiative of the employer, you will have to admit it at the interview.

Do not say that you have come under abbreviation and do not go away with vague phrases such as “Our paths have diverged”, “We have ceased to understand each other”, “It is time to move on.” It’s impossible to deceive anyway, but to ruin the reputation is simple.

Do not speak badly about the "former"
Do not talk bad about the former employer at the interviews - this will put a fat end to the future in the new company.

It’s even more important not to spread the rumors about the boss and colleagues from the previous place of work. Besides the fact that such behavior shows immaturity, gossip is the first sign of a toxic employee.

Don't blame others
Employers want responsible workers. Therefore, do not blame the ex-boss for injustice, even if you were not treated very honestly.

Admit to yourself and the recruiter mistakes in the previous job - but without details. In the conversation, focus on the thought - "I did not live up to the expectations of the company and took responsibility for the failure myself."

Avoid unnecessary details
The main mistake of the applicants at the interview is to talk about the dismissal in the smallest details. It looks like an attempt to make excuses.

For example, you were fired for your frequent absence from work. You don’t need to tell the potential employer that the granny is sick and needs care, the car breaks down - and the bus takes longer, the chiropractor only accepts other life situations at 3 p.m. because of which you skipped work.

One phrase is enough - "I allowed personal circumstances to harm working discipline." Everything is clear, without unnecessary information.

Change the subject
It is better to transfer the conversation from dismissal to a discussion of skills and work experience. The ability to gracefully turn off an unpleasant topic will help to return the interview back on track and continue the dialogue on an equal footing.

You can change the subject like this - “It’s very unfortunate that I had to finish work at company X, because it was there that I was taught how to manage production processes and work with tenders - qualities that are useful here.”

Why do you need work - survey results

What did we learn and why were surprised

Honestly, the survey results surprised us. As it turned out, you and I are not at all as mercantile as they think of us.

What is most important when choosing a profession
Half of the respondents have no doubt - when choosing a profession, the most important thing is that the work is well paid (50%).

Approximately the same number of users - 47% - said that the main thing is to work for everyone.

Least of all the respondents were in favor of choosing a job that is easier to get - 3%.

Which job seems more attractive to you?
And here the results were surprising. 42% of users of the site replied that they chose a vacancy by interests.

Slightly fewer respondents spoke for a vacancy with a higher salary (41%).

17% put career first and would agree to change jobs if they were offered a promotion.

Why are you working now
Here desires diverged from reality. 70% of site users admitted that they work for a salary.

The lucky ones who like their work turned out to be significantly less - 23%.

But 7% go to work solely in order to communicate with colleagues.

To summarize

So, we are working for a salary, we take into account earnings when choosing a profession, but we hope to meet her - a dream job, so that the work finally starts to bring pleasure.

Money is good. But getting a job you don't like, you understand that money is far from everything. If you feel in the morning the most miserable person in the world - here

How the name affects the choice of profession: male names

In the first part of a large study, we spoke - philologists, psychologists, astrologers, and esotericists study the influence of a name on a person. Now GorodRabot.ru (heart).

Business psychology began with Dale Carnegie - who taught half the world to make friends, make deals, and negotiate.

Gradually, psychologists were more “eaten” into a person as a system and noticed interesting dependencies. For example, the Russian academician, Doctor of Psychological Sciences Boris Higir found a connection between a person’s name, his psychological portrait and fate.

Higir made recommendations on hiring personnel to the largest state and private enterprises in the country. He noticed the influence of the month of birth on the professional qualities of a person.

Born in the summer - kind, sacrificial, emotional, impressionable and quick-tempered. Excellent bosses, but not very demanding. Love to work, willing to take risks

Born in the fall - calculating, thinking for a long time and reluctantly make decisions, diligent and zealous. Adhere to the selected line of behavior, inflexible. Good analysts

Born in winter - purposeful, with great willpower, stubborn, proud. They do not like to obey, they achieve goals. Tough leaders

Born in the spring - indecisive, physically weak, correctly think and weigh each word. These are good executing workers. Flexible, easy to adapt to the situation, careful

But we are talking about names - we have chosen the 10 most popular male names in Russia over the past 50 years: Alexander, Sergey, Alexei, Dmitry, Andrey, Vladimir, Eugene, Victor, Mikhail, Maxim.

Active, creative, sociable.

Sasha does not like to go to school and university, he does not like to study. But often he still gets one five.

This is a very ambitious and proactive employee. At work, she gives all the best, colleagues and management love Alexander.

Sasha is well suited for leadership positions or professions related to organization and communications - manager, administrator, PR specialist, HR specialist.

The vulnerable, gullible, cautious.

Sergey has a contradictory nature - at the same time he is soft and tough, confident and slow, cautious and risky.

Sergei is better not to choose the profession associated with risk - fireman, policeman, lifeguard. Although such work can bring a lot of pleasure, it usually ends with injuries.

Creative specialties in journalism, design, art are perfect.

Strong-willed, thoughtful, kind.

Aleksey works well, tries to be diligent and executive from early childhood. He quickly understands the essence of things and quickly takes the right position in a new place.

Despite compliance and developed empathy, Lesha puts career ambitions above relationships with colleagues. Able to succeed in many areas.

Alexey will become a good doctor, art worker or businessman.

Perfectionist, energetic, single-minded.

Dmitry strives for self-development, solid and strong by nature. He knows exactly what he wants and how to achieve it.

Dima does not like to follow the instructions of others, so he is hard to take root at a new job. Such a man is better in the role of boss. His opinion is respected, consulted with him, listen to him.

At first glance, Dmitry is harsh and cold-blooded, but he is equally well suited for creative professions and leadership positions.

Confident, calm, persistent.

Andrei highly values ​​himself, often considers himself the smartest. He sets goals and knows how to achieve what he wants.

This is a good boss or leading specialist. Andrei does not listen to other people's advice, often argues with experienced colleagues and is usually right.

It has a complex nature - Andrei wants to simultaneously create and destroy, which interferes with his career. Doesn't know what he wants.

Andrei is suitable for the profession of doctor, policeman, musician.

Stingy on emotions, strict, touchy.

Since childhood, Vova has not been distinguished by good discipline - he loves to argue, to do contrary, often does not finish things through.

Vladimir is a good, stable worker, but it is difficult to manage. Sensitive to criticism and easily loses faith in himself. Impulsive, but does not like risk - hard to endure change.

Reasonable Vladimir likes to work alone - the profession of a writer, programmer, driver is suitable.

Sly, sentimental, hot-tempered.

Eugene thinks and weighs each step for a long time, has high intelligence, selective in interests.

Scrupulous and accurate worker. Eugene loves to delve into details, suffers from perfectionism - however, sometimes he overlooks important things.

Eugene adapts well and knows how to find an approach to any person. He lies well and often does it to achieve goals.

The work related to the technique is suitable for his wife - a car mechanic, a system administrator, a design engineer.

Open, impulsive, cheerful.

Reaching for knowledge and ready to learn. Good-natured and sociable - often becomes the soul of the company. At the same time, Victor is quick-tempered and harsh in words.

This is a workaholic. Vitya is ready to live at work. He is a diligent, diligent and executive employee. Victor likes to be inside the process, not manage it.

He has a great talent for languages, exact sciences, administrative activities. Victor will make a good university teacher or official.

Proud, quick-tempered, purposeful.

Misha has been in an observer position since childhood - he looks, analyzes, draws conclusions. He likes to compete and does not know how to survive defeats.

Michael has a developed intellect and cold mind. This is a capable worker, but it’s hard to negotiate with him and work in a team.

An excellent memory and analytical mindset will help Misha realize himself in technically challenging areas - for example, in medicine and IT. And the ability to convince and assertive character make Michael an excellent seller.

Balanced, diplomatic, artistic.

Able to convince people and evoke the necessary emotions. Decisive, objective and accurate in communication Maxim has many allies and support.

As a worker, Maxim is unstable. He does not listen to advice, does not like to study, often does it “by eye”. Proud, does not accept criticism, focuses only on himself.

It can become an excellent psychologist - he has developed intuition, empathy, he is endowed with natural appeal. Maxim will also achieve great success in business.

What free sweets in the office lead to, how to keep yourself in control and what is better to eat at work

According to a study by CareerBuilder.com, 45% of Americans gained weight at work: one in four grew 5 kg, and one in 10 grew 10 kg or more. The survey was conducted among employees of various fields who had worked for at least a year at their current place.

53% of Americans believe that sedentary work and sweets in the office (complaining about donuts) are the reason for gaining weight, 49% do not have enough energy after working out for training and preparing healthy food, 34% of those surveyed cannot find time for sports and dieting.

But the main reason for the increase in body weight remains overeating - 41% of Americans constantly eat at work because of stress, 23% eat breakfast and lunch fast food every day, 21% can not resist office sweets.

Moreover, US office workers are trying to keep weight under control. According to CareerBuilder surveys, 58% exercise regularly - 29% go to the gym 2-3 times a week, 29% go to workouts more than four times a week.

How the weight of Russians has changed over 5 years
According to a report by the Ministry of Health in 2017, 1.9 million Russians are obese. In 2019, this figure can be safely multiplied by 2. And these are only people with an official diagnosis.

Rospotrebnadzor confirmed that today such a diagnosis in Russia is 2.3 times more likely than 5 years ago.

The Russians also noticed - the weight began to grow at work. We conducted a survey of users of the site and found the main reasons for the relationship between permanent employment and mass gain - these are:

- Fast food instead of home / healthy food

- Free soda and sweets in the office

- Sedentary / sedentary work

- Stress and lack of sleep

- Reward yourself with food / alcohol for hard work on the weekend / after work

According to our study, the top ten reasons for losing weight control also included lack of free time, emotional burnout and apathy, lack of money to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How not to gain weight - when the office looks like a pastry shop
The trend for health is gaining popularity in the world. Employers more often buy healthy food in the office and drag employees into the healthy lifestyle - for example, organize corporate fitness.

Even Russian IT people are starting to refuse cookies in the office.

Understanding the reasons and getting a free fitness subscription is not all. Need motivation and a lot of independent work.

We have prepared 5 simple tips that will help maintain physical and psychological health in the "work-home" mode.

Rule 60/3
Sedentary work leads to physical and mental stagnation. If you spend most of the day motionless at your desk, make it a rule to get up every 60 minutes and walk around the office for 3 minutes.

Even a short activity will help disperse the blood, relieve tension from the lower back and cervical spine. Only you need to do this regularly - set an alarm every hour, so as not to forget.

Agree on a flexible schedule
Move your work day forward a couple of hours. For example, come to work not by 9:00, but by 11:00 - in the morning go to workout.

It’s easier to get to workout in the morning, the sport energizes for the whole day, and the “relaxed schedule” helps to establish a regimen.

Cook at home
25% of office workers gain weight due to takeaways and dinners in fast food cafes.

There is nothing easier than boiling buckwheat and baking a chicken. Do not be lazy, just 30 minutes - and a delicious home-made lunch without extra calories for 2 days is ready. Plus, cooking at home saves money (profit!).

Have a good snack
100% of employees constantly eat something during the working day (monitoring the office of GorodRabot.ru). This is normal, the main thing is that the snacks should also be correct.

Put apples on the table, bring carrot sticks, nuts from the house - such food does not harm. Drink more water instead of coffee and tea.

Enjoy your lunch break
It’s not necessary to have lunch for an hour. Better go for a walk, breathe air, bask in the sun.

If the office has a shower - go for a short run. Exercise in combination with fresh air and vitamin D will relieve stress, fill with energy.

5 reasons to look for work in the summer

In summer, less requirements for the applicant
Vacancies in the summer less. The most stagnant month is July.

According to GorodRabot statistics for 2018, in July the number of vacancies in Russia reached a minimum since the beginning of the year (1,166,000), in August and June the situation was slightly better (1,259,000 and 1,360,000, respectively).

There is a big plus in the summer calm on the labor market - competition among applicants is declining.

According to ManpowerGroup, in 2018 45% of employers complained about the lack of job seekers with the right skills. More than 30% could not close vacancies because of this. And this is an average of a year - and in summer the problem is even more acute.

Jobs are on fire. Typically, companies are careful in selecting candidates. Jobvite claims that the average hiring time in 2018 is 38 days; on average, four candidates are interviewed for one vacancy.

In the summer, many cannot afford such a luxury. The vacancy must be closed in conditions of acute shortage of employees - one on vacation, the other getting married, the third on sick leave - he sat under air conditioning ... It is clear that they will take the first adequate candidate.

In summer, it’s easier to join the work and team
At work, summer is a time of calm. Typically, new projects start in the fall, in the summer everyone is involved in routine and routine. Getting into work in such a rhythm is much easier.

In the summer, companies conduct team building - sports events, corporate picnics, etc. in the same vein. You will not notice how it has already become part of the team.

While looking for work, you can learn new things.
LinkedIn called the main skills of a successful job seeker - leadership, time management, a foreign language, teamwork, communication, knowledge of basic software.

If you feel that you missed something from this list - pull up. Trainings, courses, master classes - in the summer there is finally time for self-education.

If you want to learn a foreign language, see the vacancies of animators, administrators, guides in hotels in Russia and abroad. You can relax, and earn extra money, and go through language practice.

By the way, according to the Higher School of Economics, knowledge of a foreign language increases salaries by an average of 11%.

Opportunity to work in a related field
It may turn out that there are no and no dream vacancies, but there is a proposal in an adjacent area. Try this option as a temporary one - you’ll suddenly like it.

Even if you understand that such work is not yours, experience and employment record will remain. And this is a significant plus at the following interviews.

There is time to prepare for an interview
In the summer, there is time to carefully check and re-execute the resume, and if invited for an interview, study all the information about the company and prepare questions for the employer.

It’s unfair, but true - beautiful job seekers like more. Summer is a great opportunity to take care of yourself. And according to the results, update the photo in the resume.

How to find work in the summer - advice from HR specialists
Ankor Elena Klekovkina, an employee of the Moscow recruiting company, believes that there are no seasonal failures; in summer, the level of demand for personnel remains the same as throughout the year.

Send your resume to a dream company, even if there are no open vacancies

Initiative job seekers are always in price. Perhaps an employee is needed now, but the company is waiting for the fall to get more job postings.

Check vacancies in social networks

Any company will verify the candidate in all social networks. Therefore, delete all unnecessary information, look critically at the photograph. Some of them may be too personal.

Remember, your profile should work for you.

Organize your job search

Keep a calendar of the applicant - note what has been done for the vacancy you are interested in, what else needs to be done. This will help not to forget where the resume was sent, who invited for an interview and when.

In summer, speed decides a lot. Founder of the Anti-Slavery recruiting agency Alyona Vladimirskaya says:

Be patient

Inna Sumatohina, managing partner of the recruiting company Marxman, warns:

This is often due to the fact that the manager making the hiring decision is on vacation. Or the company wants to see a maximum of candidates. The reasons are different, the result is one - you will have to wait longer for a call based on the results of the interview than in the fall.

ManpowerGroup experts concluded that the global personnel shortage reached a 12-year high. So summer 2019 is the best time to look for work.