Friday, September 13, 2019

5 reasons to look for work in the summer

In summer, less requirements for the applicant
Vacancies in the summer less. The most stagnant month is July.

According to GorodRabot statistics for 2018, in July the number of vacancies in Russia reached a minimum since the beginning of the year (1,166,000), in August and June the situation was slightly better (1,259,000 and 1,360,000, respectively).

There is a big plus in the summer calm on the labor market - competition among applicants is declining.

According to ManpowerGroup, in 2018 45% of employers complained about the lack of job seekers with the right skills. More than 30% could not close vacancies because of this. And this is an average of a year - and in summer the problem is even more acute.

Jobs are on fire. Typically, companies are careful in selecting candidates. Jobvite claims that the average hiring time in 2018 is 38 days; on average, four candidates are interviewed for one vacancy.

In the summer, many cannot afford such a luxury. The vacancy must be closed in conditions of acute shortage of employees - one on vacation, the other getting married, the third on sick leave - he sat under air conditioning ... It is clear that they will take the first adequate candidate.

In summer, it’s easier to join the work and team
At work, summer is a time of calm. Typically, new projects start in the fall, in the summer everyone is involved in routine and routine. Getting into work in such a rhythm is much easier.

In the summer, companies conduct team building - sports events, corporate picnics, etc. in the same vein. You will not notice how it has already become part of the team.

While looking for work, you can learn new things.
LinkedIn called the main skills of a successful job seeker - leadership, time management, a foreign language, teamwork, communication, knowledge of basic software.

If you feel that you missed something from this list - pull up. Trainings, courses, master classes - in the summer there is finally time for self-education.

If you want to learn a foreign language, see the vacancies of animators, administrators, guides in hotels in Russia and abroad. You can relax, and earn extra money, and go through language practice.

By the way, according to the Higher School of Economics, knowledge of a foreign language increases salaries by an average of 11%.

Opportunity to work in a related field
It may turn out that there are no and no dream vacancies, but there is a proposal in an adjacent area. Try this option as a temporary one - you’ll suddenly like it.

Even if you understand that such work is not yours, experience and employment record will remain. And this is a significant plus at the following interviews.

There is time to prepare for an interview
In the summer, there is time to carefully check and re-execute the resume, and if invited for an interview, study all the information about the company and prepare questions for the employer.

It’s unfair, but true - beautiful job seekers like more. Summer is a great opportunity to take care of yourself. And according to the results, update the photo in the resume.

How to find work in the summer - advice from HR specialists
Ankor Elena Klekovkina, an employee of the Moscow recruiting company, believes that there are no seasonal failures; in summer, the level of demand for personnel remains the same as throughout the year.

Send your resume to a dream company, even if there are no open vacancies

Initiative job seekers are always in price. Perhaps an employee is needed now, but the company is waiting for the fall to get more job postings.

Check vacancies in social networks

Any company will verify the candidate in all social networks. Therefore, delete all unnecessary information, look critically at the photograph. Some of them may be too personal.

Remember, your profile should work for you.

Organize your job search

Keep a calendar of the applicant - note what has been done for the vacancy you are interested in, what else needs to be done. This will help not to forget where the resume was sent, who invited for an interview and when.

In summer, speed decides a lot. Founder of the Anti-Slavery recruiting agency Alyona Vladimirskaya says:

Be patient

Inna Sumatohina, managing partner of the recruiting company Marxman, warns:

This is often due to the fact that the manager making the hiring decision is on vacation. Or the company wants to see a maximum of candidates. The reasons are different, the result is one - you will have to wait longer for a call based on the results of the interview than in the fall.

ManpowerGroup experts concluded that the global personnel shortage reached a 12-year high. So summer 2019 is the best time to look for work.

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