Friday, September 13, 2019

What free sweets in the office lead to, how to keep yourself in control and what is better to eat at work

According to a study by, 45% of Americans gained weight at work: one in four grew 5 kg, and one in 10 grew 10 kg or more. The survey was conducted among employees of various fields who had worked for at least a year at their current place.

53% of Americans believe that sedentary work and sweets in the office (complaining about donuts) are the reason for gaining weight, 49% do not have enough energy after working out for training and preparing healthy food, 34% of those surveyed cannot find time for sports and dieting.

But the main reason for the increase in body weight remains overeating - 41% of Americans constantly eat at work because of stress, 23% eat breakfast and lunch fast food every day, 21% can not resist office sweets.

Moreover, US office workers are trying to keep weight under control. According to CareerBuilder surveys, 58% exercise regularly - 29% go to the gym 2-3 times a week, 29% go to workouts more than four times a week.

How the weight of Russians has changed over 5 years
According to a report by the Ministry of Health in 2017, 1.9 million Russians are obese. In 2019, this figure can be safely multiplied by 2. And these are only people with an official diagnosis.

Rospotrebnadzor confirmed that today such a diagnosis in Russia is 2.3 times more likely than 5 years ago.

The Russians also noticed - the weight began to grow at work. We conducted a survey of users of the site and found the main reasons for the relationship between permanent employment and mass gain - these are:

- Fast food instead of home / healthy food

- Free soda and sweets in the office

- Sedentary / sedentary work

- Stress and lack of sleep

- Reward yourself with food / alcohol for hard work on the weekend / after work

According to our study, the top ten reasons for losing weight control also included lack of free time, emotional burnout and apathy, lack of money to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How not to gain weight - when the office looks like a pastry shop
The trend for health is gaining popularity in the world. Employers more often buy healthy food in the office and drag employees into the healthy lifestyle - for example, organize corporate fitness.

Even Russian IT people are starting to refuse cookies in the office.

Understanding the reasons and getting a free fitness subscription is not all. Need motivation and a lot of independent work.

We have prepared 5 simple tips that will help maintain physical and psychological health in the "work-home" mode.

Rule 60/3
Sedentary work leads to physical and mental stagnation. If you spend most of the day motionless at your desk, make it a rule to get up every 60 minutes and walk around the office for 3 minutes.

Even a short activity will help disperse the blood, relieve tension from the lower back and cervical spine. Only you need to do this regularly - set an alarm every hour, so as not to forget.

Agree on a flexible schedule
Move your work day forward a couple of hours. For example, come to work not by 9:00, but by 11:00 - in the morning go to workout.

It’s easier to get to workout in the morning, the sport energizes for the whole day, and the “relaxed schedule” helps to establish a regimen.

Cook at home
25% of office workers gain weight due to takeaways and dinners in fast food cafes.

There is nothing easier than boiling buckwheat and baking a chicken. Do not be lazy, just 30 minutes - and a delicious home-made lunch without extra calories for 2 days is ready. Plus, cooking at home saves money (profit!).

Have a good snack
100% of employees constantly eat something during the working day (monitoring the office of This is normal, the main thing is that the snacks should also be correct.

Put apples on the table, bring carrot sticks, nuts from the house - such food does not harm. Drink more water instead of coffee and tea.

Enjoy your lunch break
It’s not necessary to have lunch for an hour. Better go for a walk, breathe air, bask in the sun.

If the office has a shower - go for a short run. Exercise in combination with fresh air and vitamin D will relieve stress, fill with energy.

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