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How the name affects the choice of profession: male names

In the first part of a large study, we spoke - philologists, psychologists, astrologers, and esotericists study the influence of a name on a person. Now (heart).

Business psychology began with Dale Carnegie - who taught half the world to make friends, make deals, and negotiate.

Gradually, psychologists were more “eaten” into a person as a system and noticed interesting dependencies. For example, the Russian academician, Doctor of Psychological Sciences Boris Higir found a connection between a person’s name, his psychological portrait and fate.

Higir made recommendations on hiring personnel to the largest state and private enterprises in the country. He noticed the influence of the month of birth on the professional qualities of a person.

Born in the summer - kind, sacrificial, emotional, impressionable and quick-tempered. Excellent bosses, but not very demanding. Love to work, willing to take risks

Born in the fall - calculating, thinking for a long time and reluctantly make decisions, diligent and zealous. Adhere to the selected line of behavior, inflexible. Good analysts

Born in winter - purposeful, with great willpower, stubborn, proud. They do not like to obey, they achieve goals. Tough leaders

Born in the spring - indecisive, physically weak, correctly think and weigh each word. These are good executing workers. Flexible, easy to adapt to the situation, careful

But we are talking about names - we have chosen the 10 most popular male names in Russia over the past 50 years: Alexander, Sergey, Alexei, Dmitry, Andrey, Vladimir, Eugene, Victor, Mikhail, Maxim.

Active, creative, sociable.

Sasha does not like to go to school and university, he does not like to study. But often he still gets one five.

This is a very ambitious and proactive employee. At work, she gives all the best, colleagues and management love Alexander.

Sasha is well suited for leadership positions or professions related to organization and communications - manager, administrator, PR specialist, HR specialist.

The vulnerable, gullible, cautious.

Sergey has a contradictory nature - at the same time he is soft and tough, confident and slow, cautious and risky.

Sergei is better not to choose the profession associated with risk - fireman, policeman, lifeguard. Although such work can bring a lot of pleasure, it usually ends with injuries.

Creative specialties in journalism, design, art are perfect.

Strong-willed, thoughtful, kind.

Aleksey works well, tries to be diligent and executive from early childhood. He quickly understands the essence of things and quickly takes the right position in a new place.

Despite compliance and developed empathy, Lesha puts career ambitions above relationships with colleagues. Able to succeed in many areas.

Alexey will become a good doctor, art worker or businessman.

Perfectionist, energetic, single-minded.

Dmitry strives for self-development, solid and strong by nature. He knows exactly what he wants and how to achieve it.

Dima does not like to follow the instructions of others, so he is hard to take root at a new job. Such a man is better in the role of boss. His opinion is respected, consulted with him, listen to him.

At first glance, Dmitry is harsh and cold-blooded, but he is equally well suited for creative professions and leadership positions.

Confident, calm, persistent.

Andrei highly values ​​himself, often considers himself the smartest. He sets goals and knows how to achieve what he wants.

This is a good boss or leading specialist. Andrei does not listen to other people's advice, often argues with experienced colleagues and is usually right.

It has a complex nature - Andrei wants to simultaneously create and destroy, which interferes with his career. Doesn't know what he wants.

Andrei is suitable for the profession of doctor, policeman, musician.

Stingy on emotions, strict, touchy.

Since childhood, Vova has not been distinguished by good discipline - he loves to argue, to do contrary, often does not finish things through.

Vladimir is a good, stable worker, but it is difficult to manage. Sensitive to criticism and easily loses faith in himself. Impulsive, but does not like risk - hard to endure change.

Reasonable Vladimir likes to work alone - the profession of a writer, programmer, driver is suitable.

Sly, sentimental, hot-tempered.

Eugene thinks and weighs each step for a long time, has high intelligence, selective in interests.

Scrupulous and accurate worker. Eugene loves to delve into details, suffers from perfectionism - however, sometimes he overlooks important things.

Eugene adapts well and knows how to find an approach to any person. He lies well and often does it to achieve goals.

The work related to the technique is suitable for his wife - a car mechanic, a system administrator, a design engineer.

Open, impulsive, cheerful.

Reaching for knowledge and ready to learn. Good-natured and sociable - often becomes the soul of the company. At the same time, Victor is quick-tempered and harsh in words.

This is a workaholic. Vitya is ready to live at work. He is a diligent, diligent and executive employee. Victor likes to be inside the process, not manage it.

He has a great talent for languages, exact sciences, administrative activities. Victor will make a good university teacher or official.

Proud, quick-tempered, purposeful.

Misha has been in an observer position since childhood - he looks, analyzes, draws conclusions. He likes to compete and does not know how to survive defeats.

Michael has a developed intellect and cold mind. This is a capable worker, but it’s hard to negotiate with him and work in a team.

An excellent memory and analytical mindset will help Misha realize himself in technically challenging areas - for example, in medicine and IT. And the ability to convince and assertive character make Michael an excellent seller.

Balanced, diplomatic, artistic.

Able to convince people and evoke the necessary emotions. Decisive, objective and accurate in communication Maxim has many allies and support.

As a worker, Maxim is unstable. He does not listen to advice, does not like to study, often does it “by eye”. Proud, does not accept criticism, focuses only on himself.

It can become an excellent psychologist - he has developed intuition, empathy, he is endowed with natural appeal. Maxim will also achieve great success in business.

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