Friday, September 13, 2019

Why do you need work - survey results

What did we learn and why were surprised

Honestly, the survey results surprised us. As it turned out, you and I are not at all as mercantile as they think of us.

What is most important when choosing a profession
Half of the respondents have no doubt - when choosing a profession, the most important thing is that the work is well paid (50%).

Approximately the same number of users - 47% - said that the main thing is to work for everyone.

Least of all the respondents were in favor of choosing a job that is easier to get - 3%.

Which job seems more attractive to you?
And here the results were surprising. 42% of users of the site replied that they chose a vacancy by interests.

Slightly fewer respondents spoke for a vacancy with a higher salary (41%).

17% put career first and would agree to change jobs if they were offered a promotion.

Why are you working now
Here desires diverged from reality. 70% of site users admitted that they work for a salary.

The lucky ones who like their work turned out to be significantly less - 23%.

But 7% go to work solely in order to communicate with colleagues.

To summarize

So, we are working for a salary, we take into account earnings when choosing a profession, but we hope to meet her - a dream job, so that the work finally starts to bring pleasure.

Money is good. But getting a job you don't like, you understand that money is far from everything. If you feel in the morning the most miserable person in the world - here

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